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When you're looking for information about residential windows, you'll find the answers to your questions in this blog. We don't sell or install windows ourselves, but we do know a lot about them. We learned by doing our own internet research and by talking to people who make their living in the residential window industry. Some of the answers you'll discover in this blog is how to correctly measure for new or replacement windows, how to choose energy efficient windows and the different styles of windows that are available. You'll also learn how to tell when it's time to replace the old windows in your home. We hope this informative blog helps you make the best choices for your home windows.


3 Things You Need To Know About Glazing A Replacement Window

28 February 2020
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The process of glazing a replacement window is a term that describes the process of smearing putty on the edge of the glass, so the glass binds with the rest of the structure. Properly glazing a new replacement window is what ensures that your window works effectively. Thing #1: Proper Glazing Improves the Integrity of the Window If you want your vinyl window to last, getting the glazing right is important. Read More …

3 Details To Analyze Before Installing New Windows In Your Home

28 February 2020
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As a homeowner, you may love to go around your house and open up all the windows to let fresh air and sunlight inside. If you are interested in adding even more windows, you should put a lot of thought into the process before making any final decisions. Analyzing certain details will make it easy to hire a residential window installation company and get the results you are looking to achieve. Read More …

4 Window Shades Perfect For Bathrooms

27 February 2020
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Your bathroom is one room in the house where privacy is important. Even if your windows have frosted glass, you'll probably want window shades so you have total privacy at night when the lights are on. Here are four good options for bathroom shades that provide privacy while being attractive. 1. Vinyl Roller Shades Vinyl roller shades are perfect for a bathroom because vinyl tolerates changes in humidity and temperature without warping. Read More …

Two Reasons To Switch Over To Impact Resistant Windows

24 February 2020
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Windows play a number of different roles. When you have clear windows you're able to look outside with ease and take in the beauty of nature. Good windows are also important because they keep unwanted elements such as rain, leaves, and other debris out of the house. Your current windows might seem sufficient but if they are the same versions that came with the property it might be time for an upgrade. Read More …

How To Know If The Windows At Home Need To Be Replaced

20 February 2020
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Is your home older and the windows that are in it are the originals? Or are they so old that you have no idea when they might have been installed? It might be time for you to seriously start keeping an eye out for any signs that would indicate that it is time to call a home window replacement service. When you are able to pot the need for new replacement windows rather fast, you will not have to worry about the old windows falling apart on you. Read More …