3 Things You Need To Know About Glazing A Replacement Window

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3 Things You Need To Know About Glazing A Replacement Window

28 February 2020
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The process of glazing a replacement window is a term that describes the process of smearing putty on the edge of the glass, so the glass binds with the rest of the structure. Properly glazing a new replacement window is what ensures that your window works effectively.

Thing #1: Proper Glazing Improves the Integrity of the Window

If you want your vinyl window to last, getting the glazing right is important. The glazing process helps bond the glass and the window frame together. When you glaze a window, the outer edge where the glass meets with the pane of the window is also reinforced.

The glazing process is all about reinforcing the overall structure of your window. It is a very simple yet important step that should not be overlooked.

Thing #2: Proper Glazing Improves the Efficiency of the Window

Energy-efficient improvements are trending right now and for a good reason. Each step you take to make your home more energy efficient literally reduces your energy bills and saves you money. If you want your new windows to be as energy efficient as they are supposed to be, they have to be properly glazed.

Glazing helps ensure that the glass in your window is properly bonded with the frame. A proper glazing job will reduce the seepage of air around the window; an improper glazing job will result in more airflow around your window, which will, in turn, increase your energy costs. Getting the glazing right can literally save you money.

Thing #3: Proper Glazing Requires Proper Usages of a Putty Knife

Finally, in order to properly glaze a window, you need to know your way around a putty knife. The glaze that is applied around the window oftentimes needs a little help. It has a consistency more like play dough and less like glue. You can work the glaze with your hands to warm it up, and you can use the putty knife to guide the glaze into the right place. You want to use your putty knife to create a smooth application.

Properly glazing your new replacement vinyl windows will help improve the overall integrity and energy efficiency of the window. Proper glazing is a technique that may be difficult the first time you do it but gets easier with practice as you learn how to use the putty knife effectively. Most windows need to be reglazed over time.