Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage With The Right Shutters

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Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage With The Right Shutters

4 March 2020
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If you live in an area that experiences hurricane season, you can do more to protect your home than boarding up your windows when you are expecting a hurricane. When you invest in hurricane shutters for your windows, you will be prepared for a hurricane without having to rush around putting up boards. Certain types of roll-down shutters can be used to cover fragile doors as well, making it easier to protect your home from harsh winds and flying debris that are frequent during a hurricane. From storm panel hurricane window shutters to roll-down hurricane shutters, you have choices when it comes to price, ease of use, and how fast you can be ready to keep debris away from your windows.

The Benefits of Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Storm panel hurricane shutters are the least expensive way to protect your windows in the event of a hurricane. They are made from steel or aluminum, and they attach to tracks or bolts around your windows and doors when you need to use them. They are strong and are stored away when not in use. It's important to check your storm panel hurricane shutters before you need them if you buy a new home and they are left behind. You might discover that you can't install them on your own.They can be heavy, and you could need more than one person to install them before a storm hits.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Stay in Place

There's no need to store accordion hurricane shutters as they rest next to the door or window when they are not being used. They are easy to use, and one person can simply unroll the accordion shutter to get it into place. No additional storage is needed, and they are still strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris.

Using Colonial-Style Hurricane Shutters

These type of shutters can both decorate and protect your home from hurricanes at the same time. They are easy to close, making it possible for one person to prepare the home for a storm in less than an hour. They can improve the look of your home and are more expensive than storm panels.

You can keep your home safe during hurricane season by finding the right type of shutters for your windows and doors. If you are concerned about putting up shutters alone, consider the colonial- or hurricane-style shutters to make it easier to get your shutters in place.