Your Questions Answered About Residential Windows

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Your Questions Answered About Residential Windows

When you're looking for information about residential windows, you'll find the answers to your questions in this blog. We don't sell or install windows ourselves, but we do know a lot about them. We learned by doing our own internet research and by talking to people who make their living in the residential window industry. Some of the answers you'll discover in this blog is how to correctly measure for new or replacement windows, how to choose energy efficient windows and the different styles of windows that are available. You'll also learn how to tell when it's time to replace the old windows in your home. We hope this informative blog helps you make the best choices for your home windows.


3 Warning Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Exterior Siding

17 November 2021
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Your exterior siding is a worthwhile investment that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors or prospective home buyers. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should keep it in excellent condition because it plays a significant role in highlighting your property's unique character. However, no matter how sturdy your exterior siding is, it will reach the end of its lifespan at some point. For instance, your exterior siding may have reached the end of its lifespan if you are experiencing pest infestation in your house. Read More …

3 Methods Of Window Installation You Need To Know

7 October 2021
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Windows are an essential part of any home, whether they are in your house or apartment. They serve many functions, such as allowing you to see the outside world, offering a way for fresh air and sunlight into the rooms, and adding value to your property. There are many methods of window installation. The type you select will depend on your budget, the kind of window you have, and other factors. Read More …

Benefits Of Repairing A Broken Window

19 August 2021
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When your window breaks due to weather elements or physical damage from overgrown branches or falling objects, you want to perform broken window repair immediately. Here are the benefits of repairing your broken windows. Saves Money When your window breaks, the cracks may be small. Ignoring the damages can lead to the formation of larger cracks that spread throughout the window. In such cases, your entire window may collapse. Performing broken window repair can help prevent extensive damage and unnecessary window replacement costs. Read More …

5 Ways Window Tint Can Protect Your Storefront

12 July 2021
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If you have a storefront on a busy street, you may be wondering if window tint is the right choice for you. There are several reasons to choose tint, and the following are just a few.  1. Wind and Hail Damage Wind and hail can be major concerns in some climates, particularly if your storefront faces the direction of the prevailing storm approach. Window tinting film may not prevent breakage, but it does hold the glass together so that it doesn't shatter inward and come out of the frame. Read More …

Reasons To Install Impact-Resistant Windows In Your Home

26 May 2021
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Owning a home is a worthy investment, but house ownership comes with great responsibility. For instance, you should protect your entire home against damage to increase the lifespan of your home and maintain the home's aesthetic value. Windows are among the most crucial house components that you must protect. However, standard windows are prone to damage by weather elements, and you can spend a lot on repair or replacement. That's why you need impact-resistant windows. Read More …