Your Questions Answered About Residential Windows

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Your Questions Answered About Residential Windows

When you're looking for information about residential windows, you'll find the answers to your questions in this blog. We don't sell or install windows ourselves, but we do know a lot about them. We learned by doing our own internet research and by talking to people who make their living in the residential window industry. Some of the answers you'll discover in this blog is how to correctly measure for new or replacement windows, how to choose energy efficient windows and the different styles of windows that are available. You'll also learn how to tell when it's time to replace the old windows in your home. We hope this informative blog helps you make the best choices for your home windows.


Unraveling the Essentials of Residential Window Installation

26 October 2023
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Installing new windows in a home is a significant undertaking, requiring careful planning, precise execution, and an understanding of the installation process. This article seeks to explain this complex task, offering insights into the world of residential window installation. Choosing the Right Window: A Strategic Decision Selecting the perfect window for a home is the initial step in the installation process. Factors such as energy efficiency, design, functionality, and budget guide this decision. Read More …

Tips For Choosing Windows That Minimize Outside Noise

30 August 2023
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City life, while vibrant and exciting, often comes with one inevitable downside: noise. From the constant hum of traffic to the occasional late-night reveler, unwanted sounds can seep into our homes and disturb our peace. Even in quieter suburban areas, the sound of lawnmowers, barking dogs, or nearby construction can prove distracting. One effective way to combat this invasion of noise is by carefully selecting windows designed to reduce outside disturbances. Read More …

Improving Your Home With New Replacement Windows

11 July 2023
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When improving a home, replacement window installation is often at the top of the list. Whether you are looking to enhance energy efficiency, upgrade aesthetics, or improve soundproofing, replacing your old windows can significantly impact your home's comfort and value. Material Selection Considerations Choosing the right window material is crucial for achieving your desired functionality and style. From traditional options like wood and aluminum to modern alternatives like vinyl and fiberglass, each material has its own set of advantages and considerations. Read More …

Unbreakable Solutions: High-Impact Window Suppliers For Your Unique Needs

15 May 2023
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Living in a coastal region means dealing with the constant threat of strong winds and hurricanes. The safety of your family and property is of utmost importance. That's when high-impact windows come into play. High-impact windows ensure that your home is well-protected and secure. The High Impact Window Advantage High-impact windows are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent damage to your home. They are made with laminated glass, consisting of a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer sandwiched between two glass panes. Read More …

Dual Pane Glass Window Replacements — How Homeowners Can Manage Them

22 March 2023
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If you have dual pane glass windows and they are severely damaged, you may need to have them replaced entirely. This replacement process won't be hard to manage if you follow these suggestions. Consider Repairs First Even if the damage seems pretty bad with your dual pane glass windows, it's still a good idea to see if repairs are possible before going through with a replacement. Then you might be able to save some money. Read More …