Why You Should Go For A Double-Hung In Your Next Residential Window Installation Project

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Why You Should Go For A Double-Hung In Your Next Residential Window Installation Project

13 April 2022
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Planning a residential window installation project is not easy. You have to sit down and think through your choices well to avoid future regrets. One of the window options you could be contemplating is a double-hung window.

Many homeowners love them for their unique operation. Unlike traditional windows, a double-hung window opens at the top and bottom, thus providing maximum ventilation. But in addition to ventilation, these windows offer other incredible benefits. Here are a few you should know. 

They Are Easy to Clean

If you have installed a traditional window before, you will agree that they pose a huge challenge when it comes to cleaning. And, to some degree, it is dangerous since you may need a ladder to reach high points. While you can opt to buy special cleaning equipment for these windows, their maintenance might prove costly in the long run. But, it is an entirely different case with double-hung windows. The fact that you can tilt it horizontally enables you to clean it without straining.

They Are Safe

Choosing a double-hung window for your residential property also comes with safety. Generally, these windows feature a lock system that helps keep burglars from gaining access to your home. The lock system also ensures that your curious little ones do not accidentally fall outside. So if safety is your primary concern, go for a double-hung window.

They Are Appealing

In your next residential window installation, you might want to choose something that stands out. You'd wish to install windows that aren't just appealing to the eyes but also enjoyable to operate. The way double-hung windows look and operate certainly makes them unique and appealing. They suit decks and walkways since there is minimal chance of someone getting hit when passing by.

They Are Energy Efficient

As you consider factors such as your window's safety, maintenance, and beauty, you mustn't overlook energy efficiency. As already seen, you can open a double-hung window sash from the top and bottom. This design is made to keep your home cool. For maximum ventilation, you can open both sashes. Besides, you can open the top or the bottom sash if you want just a small amount of air. Their energy-efficiency property keeps your power consumption under control. 

You may feel a little intimidated by the cost of installing a double-hung window. However, the benefits discussed above are worth the investment. So do not hesitate to choose them for your next residential window installation project.