4 Reasons To Choose A Fiberglass Residential Entry Door

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4 Reasons To Choose A Fiberglass Residential Entry Door

7 January 2022
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Are you planning to purchase a residential entry door? If so, you may have already discovered that you will need to choose a door material. Today's market has more available choices than the limited options of yesteryear. Homeowners can choose from wood, metal, and fiberglass doors. Entry doors can also be manufactured with key features that make them aesthetically appealing or offer benefits such as energy efficiency and storm protection. The following points will focus on the key benefits of fiberglass entry doors.


One of the best things about fiberglass residential entry door installations is that the doors are available in a variety of designs. There are also limitless color options including the option to get custom colors. Some manufacturers also offer custom designs, which means that a door design seen in a magazine or advertisement could likely be created and fitted to meet your home's entry doorway dimensions.

Easy Maintenance

Wood doors have to be properly maintained to prevent issues from moisture and pests. Maintenance objectives such as painting and staining are eliminated if fiberglass doors are installed. If the doors get dirty, there are no concerns about leaving them wet for too long. Fiberglass is nonporous and can be washed using simple cleaning products. 


Fiberglass is a manmade material, and wood-devouring pests are not attracted to it for consumption or shelter. Homeowners do not have to have the same deterioration concerns that they might have with wood entry doors. Rotting and other damages that wood doors might sustain are eliminated when homeowners choose fiberglass doors. Manufacturers create fiberglass doors that can closely mimic the appearance of wood doors. The risks of warped material due to expansion and contraction are eliminated. 

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners like to compare the performance of other materials to wood. You can expect a fiberglass door to be more energy-efficient than wood. The material is manufactured in a manner that can reduce air infiltration. Some wooden entry doors get drafty and underperform as they age. When purchasing a residential entry door, it is wise to ask about R-value ratings. This is a rating assigned to building materials that classify their energy efficiency. The higher the number the better efficiency you can expect. 

A windows and doors installer is a good resource to use to learn more about fiberglass entry doors. They can help you compare doors and explain the differences between doors of interest. Residential entry doors serve more than an aesthetic purpose. They are an investment that can beautify a home and ensure safety.