3 Methods Of Window Installation You Need To Know

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3 Methods Of Window Installation You Need To Know

7 October 2021
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Windows are an essential part of any home, whether they are in your house or apartment. They serve many functions, such as allowing you to see the outside world, offering a way for fresh air and sunlight into the rooms, and adding value to your property. There are many methods of window installation. The type you select will depend on your budget, the kind of window you have, and other factors. The following are three methods of installation that you need to know about.

Full-Frame Installation

This is the most common way that windows are installed. It involves removing the old frame and inserting a new full-frame window. Full-frame installation should be done by professionals because you risk damaging your surrounding walls or sills if you do it yourself. If done correctly, this installation will preserve your home's existing structure and keep it energy efficient.

Full-frame installation is suitable for homes with frames that have deteriorated to the point that replacing just one or two panes isn't enough. It can also work well in older homes where the windows are not standard sizes and may need to be custom-made. This type of installation will ensure that your windows have a place to rest without any additional support. It will also keep your vintage décor intact and allow you to swap out old wooden parts with new aluminum or vinyl ones.

Pocket Installation

Pocket installation involves inserting a window into an existing frame or opening that has been cut to fit the size of your new window. Although it may require no additional framing, it's essential to let a professional installer do the job to ensure a proper fit and peace of mind. Installers know how to properly size the opening to account for thermal expansion and contraction, allowing the window to operate without rubbing or sticking.

This installation method is best for homeowners who want an affordable way of getting new windows in their homes without the hassle of building, preparing, or modifying their home's structure. It can be done to any existing window opening in your home, regardless of age or the construction type used in its original build. It works best when replacing single panes of glass like a casement window and is also a good choice for older homes that may not have standard-sized openings.

Split-Frame Installation

Split-frame is a good choice for new construction or replacement installations in homes with existing wall framing having wood studs or metal channels. It involves cutting a new opening in the wall and is often used when there isn't an adjacent window that can be combined with it. Split-frame windows require custom sizing for each opening but offer greater energy efficiency because of their low U-factor.

Window installation can change the look of your home and add more value to your property. If you have more questions about this job, contact a window installation company.