Reasons To Install Impact-Resistant Windows In Your Home

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Reasons To Install Impact-Resistant Windows In Your Home

26 May 2021
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Owning a home is a worthy investment, but house ownership comes with great responsibility. For instance, you should protect your entire home against damage to increase the lifespan of your home and maintain the home's aesthetic value. Windows are among the most crucial house components that you must protect. However, standard windows are prone to damage by weather elements, and you can spend a lot on repair or replacement. That's why you need impact-resistant windows. Here are the reasons for installing impact windows in your home.

Protection Against Bad Weather

Impact-resistant windows can protect your home against bad weather. Generally, standard windows may break easily when branches and other objects hit them. The shattered glass poses the risk of body injuries since the broken glass can cause cuts. Additionally, broken windows are entry points for rain into your house. And too much water in your home can cause water damage, such as the rotting of floorboards. Fortunately, impact windows don't easily break and offer protection against bad weather. 

While you may think of putting up hurricane shutters as an alternative, you should consider that you have to set up the shutters each time a hurricane occurs, which can be tedious. Therefore, impact windows are an excellent form of home protection if you live in an area that's prone to storms since they require one-time installation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Typically, standard glass windows come with a single layer, and that lowers the insulation capacity. And, if window experts don't install the windows properly or there's damage to the frames, there may be air leakage. That means that you will use more energy to heat your home in winter. Additionally, leaking points on your windows can serve as entry points of hot air into your home in summer, leading to increased cooling costs. Impact-resistant windows have multiple layers that help insulate your home, keeping your energy bills in check.

Increased Security

Impact-resistant windows also improve your home's security. Traditional windows usually have a single layer, making them prone to shuttering. Therefore, intruders can quickly break the windows and access your house. In contrast, impact windows are thick and sturdy, making penetration difficult. Even if a burglar may try to gain entry forcefully using a crowbar, an impact window will not break easily.

Impact-resistant glass windows offer protection against bad weather, improve your home's security, and improve insulation in your home. Consider installing this type of window if you want to enjoy these benefits.