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Window Cleaning

19 August 2020
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While it may seem to be a simple enough job, there is a lot more to window cleaning than what you would expect.  Whether you own a business or just do not want to worry about having to clean your home's windows, hiring a window cleaning company or window cleaning contractor is the solution to your window cleaning dilemma. 

Professional window cleaners are equipped to handle any size window cleaning job – whether it is a high rise building with large windows or a ranch style home with standard size windows. A professional window cleaner will have the ability to assess the needs of the business or home and get the job done effectively and efficiently, without the business or homeowner having to worry about climbing on a ladder or taking up their own valuable time doing the job. The job of a window cleaner can sometimes be dangerous; therefore, you can expect them to have insurance and extensive training and certification in the trade.

Window cleaners will not only clean the outside of your windows, where dirt and grime can build up quickly, but will also clean the interior side of your windows, as well as the sills, frames, and window tracks. As the window cleaner completes the task of washing your windows, they will also dry them completely to provide a polished, streak-free shine.  A professional window cleaning company will have their own supplies to do the job – everything from the expected buckets and sponges and squeegees to scrapers and blades to remove any buildup that cannot be removed easily.  They will also have ladders and scaffolding and suspended platforms, depending on the size of the building or home where the work is being completed. 

Many window cleaning companies go beyond just windows; A lot of window cleaners also will have the ability to clean your storm windows and screens, as well as provide screen replacement as needed.  They could also include mirror and light fixture cleaning – whether inside or outside – and the cleaning of skylights.  Generally speaking, if it has glass, they have the ability to clean it.  This will depend entirely on the company, however, so be sure to inquire about what additional services they provide. 

No matter the size of the job or the needs of the customer, a professional window cleaner will have the equipment and knowledge to complete your window washing chore quickly and efficiently.  You can trust a window cleaner to tackle the job and get it done.