The Advantages of Different Entry Door Materials

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The Advantages of Different Entry Door Materials

31 July 2020
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Your front door is important.  It makes a statement about your home, and it also helps protect your home from others. You want a front door that is both stylish and functional. When it comes to the right front door, material matters. There is a wide range of material you can use for your front door; here are some benefits of the top three front door materials.

Advantages of Wood Entry Door

Wood doors are one of the most common materials used for front doors. With wood doors, you can purchase a solid wood door or a stock wood door. A solid wood door is made of wood running all the way through and can cost thousands of dollars when sold with a complete door system.

Stock wood doors, on the other hand, have wood veneer skin on the outside and an engineered wood core on the inside. Stock wood doors are more affordable, and they are made to combat warping which is common with solid wood front doors. With wood doors, you can choose between a variety of thicknesses as well as different types of wood.

Advantages of Steel Entry Door

Another popular door material is steel. Steel doors are great if you are really focused on security, as they are hard to damage, and they don't warp as well.

Steel doors are really affordable. Steel doors are usually constructed in one of two ways. They have an outer layer of steel with an inner layer of engineered wood, or they are made of steel both inside and outside. Most style doors have some type of coating on the outside, so your front door doesn't look like it is a metal door. Instead, it will have a vinyl or wood-fiber coating on it, giving you some better aesthetics.

Advantages of Fiberglass-Composite Entry Doors

A third option is a fiberglass-composite door. Fiberglass-composite doors usually have wood-grain patterns on the outside of the door for a more visually appealing outward appearance. You can get a fiberglass-composite door that looks like an oak or cherry door. Instead, they are made from fiberglass on the inside and are really well insulated. Fiberglass doors are sturdy and generally come with really long warranties.

Wood doors look elegant but require you to worry about warping over time. Steel doors offer strength. Fiberglass-composite doors offer long warranties and strength. When it comes to the best front door, think about your budget and security needs as well as how you want your front door to look. Look in stores near you for replacement entry doors