4 Reason Impact-Resistant Windows Are A Worthwhile Investment

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4 Reason Impact-Resistant Windows Are A Worthwhile Investment

12 May 2020
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Impact-resistant windows are comprised of heavy-duty frames that contain laminated glass that undergoes a special silicone glazing process that ensures if the window breaks, it stays inside of its frame and doesn't go everywhere. This unique design also makes impact-resistant windows stronger than other types of windows. Impact-resistant windows are a worthwhile investment for many reasons.

Reason #1: Provides Hurricane Protection

If you live somewhere where hurricanes are a concern, you will no longer have to rush home to put up boards or to draw the shutters every time there is a hurricane warning. Your impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, and even if they are damaged by a hurricane, the glass will stay in the frame, and your home will stay protected.

Reason #2: Protect from Thieves

Impact-resistant windows can not only stand up to hurricanes, but they can also stand up to thieves as well. Impact-resistant windows are strong, and if someone tries to break a window to get into your home, they are going to have to be super strong in order to break the glass. Even if they break the glass, they still will not be able to get into your home, as the glass is held together even when shattered by a strong laminate layer.

Reason #3: Insurance Savings

When you install impact-resistant windows on your home, be sure to contact your homeowner's insurance policy and let them know that you have installed impact-resistant windows.

As these windows make it harder for thieves to get into your home, and provide high-quality protection against hurricane damage, they are seen as a security feature that can earn you a discount on your insurance. Your insurance agent appreciates when you take steps to reduce the risk of your home being damaged and will reward you for it with a discount on your premium.

Reason #4: Quieter Home

Finally, impact-resistant windows can make actually hanging out in your home more pleasant. They can help reduce the sound that makes its way outside into your home. Cutting down on outside environmental sounds will make your home a little more peaceful.

Investing in impact-resistant windows will help protect your home from hurricanes and thieves and will provide you with an insurance discount due to the increased protection they provide. Talk to a local impact window supplier to learn more. You will enjoy a safer and quieter home with impact-resistant windows installed.