Choosing Blinds For Your Home's Windows

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Choosing Blinds For Your Home's Windows

14 February 2020
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Being able to effectively control the amount of light that is entering your home is an important ability. Window blinds are an important tool in helping you with this goal. However, getting the most out of your home's window blinds will require some planning and thoughtfulness when you are evaluating your options.

Avoid Blinds That Can Absorb Heat

The sunlight that is shining on the blinds will be able to transfer substantial amounts of heat to it. Unfortunately, this heat will be radiated back into the home's interior where it will make it harder to control the temperature. When homeowners fail to consider this potential threat when choosing blinds, they may choose materials that can be extremely susceptible to this problem. For example, blinds made of dark woods can become extremely hot as a result of prolonged sunlight exposure. Opting for blinds that are light colors and made of materials that are thermal resistant can allow you to block out the sunlight while avoiding the impacts of this heat gain.

Utilize Blinds With Automatic Opening And Closing Systems

Individuals that suffer from mobility problems may find that it can be difficult to raise and lower the blinds. Luckily, it is possible to opt for an automated blind system that will allow you to control the blinds without having to get up. The controls for these systems can vary, but it will usually be in the form of a remote control or a smartphone app that can be connected to the blinds. In addition to those with mobility issues, this can also be a useful upgrade for those that have extremely large window blinds as these can be cumbersome to raise and lower. These automated systems will require some maintenance, but this will usually be limited to lubricating the railing and servicing the motor every few years.

Opt For Custom Made Blinds

In order for the blinds to be effective, they will have to perfectly fit the windows. Otherwise, the light will be allowed to seep around the edges of the blinds. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find blinds for windows that are extremely large or those that are unusual shapes. In these situations, it may be best to have blinds custom made so that they will fit these windows. The costs of having blinds custom made will not be much more than buying high-quality mass-produced blinds, but they will perfectly fit your windows while also meeting your aesthetic preferences.