Considerations For New Windows To Put In Your Baby's Nursery

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Considerations For New Windows To Put In Your Baby's Nursery

12 February 2020
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If you're renovating your home to make room for a nursery, or if you're building an addition for a nursery, consider the type of windows you'll put in. You want your baby's room to have secure windows that block drafts and UV rays. Here are some tips for choosing windows for your nursery.

Consider Safety Features

Some manufacturers, such as Anderson, make windows that have blinds between two panes of glass. This keeps the blinds out of reach of your baby as your baby gets older and able to pull on things like the blinds and cords. You can still open, tilt, and close the blinds, but they are safely out of reach. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about dusty blinds since they'll be protected between glass.

Another safety consideration is the locking mechanism for the windows. You want windows that are secure so intruders can't get in, but you also want secure windows so your baby won't be able to open the lock when they're older.

Think About Insulation

The last thing you want is a chilly draft blowing on your baby at night in the winter. Your baby will probably kick off covers, so the room needs to be warm and snug. You can buy windows that have double or triple-pane glass in them for the most insulation for the glass. You don't always need the most well-insulated windows since those are also the most expensive. Instead, match the level of insulation to your local climate. You can do this by reading the labels on the window and talking to the window installer about your options.

Look Into UV Protection

Some windows come with glass that blocks UV rays. This keeps your carpet and upholstered furniture in the room from fading, and it also protects your baby from UV rays while they're playing on the floor or napping. Along with blocking UV rays, the windows also reduce solar heating. This may be an important consideration if your baby's windows will be in full sun in the afternoon because that could make the room too hot in the summer unless the UV rays and solar heating are blocked.

Think About How Much Natural Light You Want

Natural light is usually a good thing because light can boost your mood and make things easier to see. If your baby will only use the room for sleeping and napping, you might not care as much as if your baby will use the room for a bedroom as they grow and spend a lot of time playing in the room. Window rating stickers let you know how much natural light the window allows so you can choose what you think is best.

Talk with a company that supplies new windows, including Andersen windows, for more information.