Do These Four Things When Having New Windows Installed

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Do These Four Things When Having New Windows Installed

11 February 2020
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Homeowners choose to have their windows replaced for any number of reasons. Some homeowners want to increase the insulation in their home with double-paned insulated windows. Other homeowners are seeking to replace windows that have become damaged through accidents or time. Hiring a window installation service can ensure the job is done right the first time. Here are four things you should do when having new windows installed:

1. Be prepared for the price estimate to change

Your window installation expert will give you a price estimate based on the number of windows you're having installed as well as the type of windows in your house. The estimate they give you will be accurate to the best of their ability, but you should still be prepared for that figure to change. Once your window installation expert removes your old window, they may discover that the insulation needs to be replaced. An improper seal could have caused moisture to get into the area between your window and the wall, causing mold to grow there. Your contractor won't be able to know if this is the case until the installation process is already underway.

2. Expect some mess during the process

Your contractor will be as neat as possible during the window installation process, but there may still be a small amount of mess. They will need to remove any decorative trim around your window so they can access the casing. There may be some sawdust in your house during this time, although your contractor will lay down protective plastic. If you have kids or pets, you should plan to have your new windows installed at a time when they're out of the house. If this isn't possible, you should at least keep them away from the area where the installation is taking place.

3. Repair the window opening

If your contractor discovers any issues with the window opening itself, such as cracks or crumbling, they will need to fix it before going any further in the process. Fortunately, window installation services are equipped to tackle this portion of the job as well. They will make sure the window opening is sound, so your new window will fit perfectly and remain safe from damage.

4. Check the fit one more time

Your window installation service will have measured your windows in advance, in order to provide new windows that fit. However, they will double-check one more time before gluing your windows in place. They will place your window in the opening without adhesive first, in order to make sure it fits in a way that allows for a good seal.

To learn more about new window installation, contact a window installer in your area.