3 Major Advantages To Motorized Window Shades

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3 Major Advantages To Motorized Window Shades

6 February 2020
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When choosing window trimmings, there are a lot of options you can choose between. Just the simple act of choosing window shades can be complicated, but if you've been considering motorized window shades, you should go for it. These types of shades are not only classy and appealing but they offer certain benefits that standard shades just can't. Take a look at these benefits you could reap if you get yourself some motorized window shades.


One of the things you can look forward to is setting your shades on a timer. Many people use timers on their shades to automate the process of shutting down for the night or starting up the day. You can even set a timer to wake you up with the light of the sun by setting it to open the shades at a certain time in the morning. This may help you to wake up feeling more well-rested and refreshed, as being exposed to sunlight naturally shuts off the melatonin sleep hormone that the brain produces.


Another thing you can look forward to is being able to control your window shades remotely. This is usually done with a remote control, so you don't need to lay a hand on the shades to do anything to them. This is not only convenient for the average home but it's especially convenient if you have high-up or very large windows that would be difficult to reach under normal circumstances. Getting automated shades will let you lower and raise them as you see fit at any time of day.

If that isn't enough for you, many remote-controlled window shades can also be tied into smart home plugs. This means that you can potentially control your shades from other locations entirely by using your smartphone. This can help your home to look like it's occupied when it isn't or to just maintain the most effective insulation possible when the sun rises or sets and you're not around to do anything about it.

No Tangles

Finally, it might seem simplistic, but if you've ever operated standard window shades you probably know that it's anything but. Window shades are prone to becoming tangled up in the cords that control them. These cords can get stuck or tangled, making it hard to lower your shades at the end of the day. Motorized shades don't have these cords, though, and everything is automated perfectly so you won't have to deal with another tangle ever again.

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