Help Change The Look And Design Of Your Home With New Doors

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Help Change The Look And Design Of Your Home With New Doors

4 February 2020
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There are many reasons why you may want to replace a door frame; it may be to change the style of door, updated outdated openings, or to replace damaged materials. When you are replacing the front door, you want to repair any damage, upgrade the opening, and maybe even change the appearance of the front entrance to your home. The following front door frame replacement guide will help you achieve all of these goals when installing a new door frame:

Start by Removing the Door From The Hinges to Access the Frame

Before you can start changing the front door frame, you will need to remove the door from the hinges. This can usually be done by lifting up on the door while it is open. If your door is large and heavy, it may take two people to lift the door off the hinges and remove it from the opening.

Remove Any Screws, Hardware, And Punching Nails to Get Your Old Door Frame Loose

To get the old door frame loose, you will want to start by removing hardware like hinges and doorplates. Sometimes, these screws are long and go deep into structural framing, and there may also be additional screws that reinforce the door frame. Once you have removed all the hardware and screws, use a nail punch to drive the finish nails that fasten the frame through the molding and into the structural framing. This should loosen the frame so that it can now be removed from the opening.

Inspecting the Structural Framing for Signs of Damage

It is also important to inspect the wood structural framing for any potential signs of problems. First, look for the obvious signs of leaks, water damage, and wood rot. In addition, look for dry rot and signs of damage from pests and insects. Repair any damage to the structural framing before you install the new door frame in the opening.

Reinforcing the Opening With Steel Plates to Make Your New Front Door Frame Secure

You do not want to have a front door that can be easily ripped from the opening. Therefore, you may want to add steel plates to the wood framing behind the door frame. If you add steel plates to reinforce the opening, make sure that there are cutouts for the nails, screws, and door hardware that will be needed during installation.

Installing the New Door Frame, Leveling It, and Hanging the Door Back on Its Hinges

Once you have the opening ready for the new frame, place the frame in the hole and check to make sure the margins on both sides of the frame are the same. Tack a nail in one of the top corners, and then check to make sure the frame is level before fastening the bottom. Once the frame is secure, hang the door back on the hinges and make sure it shuts smoothly before you finish securing the door frame with finish nails and screws.

These are some of the simple steps to replacing a front door frame to update and renovation the look of your front entranceway. If you are ready to change the front door of your home, contact a door frame service to get what you need to start your project.

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